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ipiranTM trademark services is an Iranian leading law office in which the most prestigious, dedicated, and well experienced trademark attorneys are gathered. The firm supports clients from around the world and focuses especially on trademark matters rendering full services including registration, renewal, changes, search, opposition, enforcement, and litigation.

As a globally oriented trademark legal service provider, ipiranTM has a successful history of more than 15 years and is regarded as a quality brand in the field of trademark in Iran. ipiranTM is so successful due to its strong, highly specialized team of trademark attorneys, and qualified employees and our fast-reacting organizational structure. We guarantee a fast, efficient, and flexible handling with an ideal cost-benefit ratio.

We represent small, medium-sized, holding companies, and globally operating corporations from Europe, Asia and North America.

Contact us in all matters of trademark law, both on a national and an international scale. Our renowned law firm is located in Tehran, and

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Our services specializes in a wide range of trademark services that covers all trademarks related ones. The services in these areas include registration, priorities, renewal, transfer and assignment etc. but also highly efficient anti-counterfeiting actions against the infringements and infringing parties through both civil and criminal proceedings including raid and seizure, prosecution of infringement and other trademark enforcement services such as issuing of formal cease and desist/warning letters, destruction of infringing goods/products, civil actions for recovery of damages as well as investigation but not the least a high quality watching services.

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